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Stability and fluidity in times of constant change.

In association with

For relaxation, meditation & the ultimate self-defence system; healthy exercise.

Classes held West London & South West London.

Mountain River draws on over 25 years teaching Tai Chi & training Chi Kung. The last fifteen years, intensive training in Hong Kong, USA & London, with the Yeung Ma Lee Student Association; and with the Grandmaster herself. Mountain River Tai Chi is able to provide expert tuition as instructed to be shared by the Yeung family of Hong Kong.The Yeung family is best known as YANG and were the first to open the door to the Chinese secrets of Tai Chi to the West. For over one hundred years this Martial Art has been famous for healthy exercise.

New for 2017 weekly classes, either as a separate system and or to augment Tai Chi tuition.

Wednesday evenings 7:30pm in Chiswick's Friendship Club, Oxford Road North W4 4DN.

Monday (groups of 6 taster Classes) in Hampton; (Richmond Borough) Football Club, Beaver Close off Station Road Hampton TW12 2BZ Mondays at 7:30pm .

Qi Gong or Chi Kung is a series of individual exercises that work with energy (Breathing is just one form of energy that the body uses).They are more akin to meditation and are primarily done standing

Chi Kung was born from the Dao Yin (Guiding & Stretching exercises) which are over 2,250 years old. Chi Kung and Tai Chi Exercises, are designed to re-align the posture and centralise ones core. Allowing the systems energies to flow through the body, encouraging joints to be more mobile, lessen tension throughout the body, whilst becoming more balanced in our daily lives.

These exercises can be performed almost anywhere, and at any time. So are suitable for all adults (only as growing children have different needs).

As is often the case with ancient ideas, these exercises are wrapped inside a philosophical base; where ancient Chinese taoist wisdom of balance and interdependences abound in yin and yang forces.

These classes are less linear than studying Tai Chi Chuan. Therefore any interested student may join at any time. Classes per class £10. Private tuition can be by arrangement, please email (link below).

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