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New beginners classes

Wednesday Evening New beginners welcome on the first Wednesday every February, June and or October.

Wednesday Morning Tai Chi classes in Chiswick Town Hall. Limited spaces available. please contact to discuss. 10am.

Wednesday Evening both Tai Chi & Chi Kung classes in Chiswick Friendship Club. at 7:30pm.

Wednesday classes Tai Chi classes are £90 for first two months, thereafter £65pm. Chi Kung classes are £90 every two calendar months.

Attendance of the Chi Kung sessions can be swapped for Tai Chi at suitable future dates. Alternatively, you can take some private tuition and join one of the on going classes later.... Click here to switch to the Private Tuition page

Please email to reserve your place.


As an introductory offer, Mountain River charges £90 for the first two complete calendar months of weekly tuition. Classes run at the same time and place each week. For those that miss any class there is a 'free' catch-up class once a month on a Saturday morning. Potential students may watch any Tuesday evening Tai Chi class between 7:40pm and 8:00pm at The Friendship Club in Chiswickp>


To be fair to all, I coach each class. As you will appreciate working in tight knit groups is to your benefit, so I limit new beginners groups size. I used to start new students monthly, however I saw this lead to fragmented classes. Worse some students would miss important lessons, constantly feeling uncomfortable. Mountain River Tai Chi is not modular based, but an incremental learning path, following traditional Chinese teaching methods. I respect this Art so much that I will not compromise this tried and tested method. If you believe that Tai Chi is for you, and that Mountain River Tai Chi is the correct path to follow, I am sure you will understand.

No special clothing is needed, simply wear loose clothes that are comfortable. Flat soled shoes, e.g. Chinese slippers, are recommended footwear; although socks are fine. There is space to change, for those coming direct from work etc., and a lot of students bring water to drink although there is tap water available.

Mountain River Tai Chi is based in West London, and class locations and times can be found by clicking here. Details of class fees can be found by clicking here. Additionally there are normally spaces on a Wednesday Morning at 10am in Chiswick Town Hall. Please Email to register for any of the above.

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