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Frequently Asked Questions (page 5)

Here are Mountain River Tai Chi Students responses to a few questions :-


What most surprised you about Tai Chi?
“How addictive it is.”
“The more Tai Chi you do the more you find out about yourself and others.”
“That I finished{ish} the form!”
“It's a bigger subject than you might imagine. Nice when that happens.”
“The more you put in, the more you really do get out of it.”
“How hard the work is, if you choose to try and take it seriously. Most folk see it as a very soft discipline.”
“I was surprised by the physical demands of Tai Chi, previously my perception was that it wasn't physically demanding or good exercise.”
“Wherever you think Tai chi is taking you it will suddenly head off in a completely different direction.”
“The extraordinary depth of the subject, the way Tai Chi can have such an amazing effect on mood and sense of well being and the way it offers an opportunity for self improvement.”
“The depth of the art, and my enjoyment of the martial aspects of Tai-Chi.”
“The defence part of Tai Chi surprised me in that it really works (unless I'm doing it incorrectly)
how effective the gentle form can be applied in a combat situation how non violent, but again effective the evasive moves are.”
“It's boundless capacity for growth.”
“I am most surprised how it has developed and how much I enjoy it.”
“That it is an incredibly effective martial art.”
“The applications and two person work. I knew Tai Chi was a martial art from some TV prog many years ago talking about martial arts but I didn't really associate Tai Chi with a martial side. That was a bonus I didn't expect.”
“That the art has a lot of hidden depths and I am constantly managing to keep up.”
“Attention to detail. Most martial arts classes like to give you instant gratification, and does away with the finer detail.”
“The mental challenge & the fact we still love doing it 12 months later.”

What do you enjoy most about Mountain River?
“There's no pressure, but I still want to improve.”
“It's a really friendly professional set up.”
“Trying to think about and control how you move ,{and coffee after}”
“MRTC provides a stimulating environment for exploring a vast and complex martial art - with people you might want to hang out with occasionally. Not bad really.”
“The way it sometimes melts my brain and the picnics of course!!”
“The people, of course! :)”
“I enjoy the sense of family you have been able to create, of common ground with people from all walks of life.”
“The friendship / group has become very important.”
“The friendly vibe and sense of fun, quality of teaching and that we are getting the good stuff straight from the top.”
“The quality and the depth of the teaching, plus enjoying a beer after class with a great group of people.”
“There are all sorts of people that go to Tai Chi and I enjoy having a laugh with them and getting to know them. I enjoy the feeling and sense of achievement after a class.”
“All of the above and the general relaxed but feeling of achievement gained after every lesson, may it be going over practised moves or getting a new snippet of info that can alter your entire way of looking at something.”
“The people and the quality of instruction.”
“I enjoy most the feeling of well-being and control and particularly when you get something right and the chi flows mmmmm.”
“My friends.”
“Your teaching style and the informal style of the classes: everything is relaxed and open and un-pressured.”
“Watching and listening, constantly trying to re-learn and adapt. That is fun.”
“The friendly atmosphere.”
“Blend of humour (terrible jokes) and philosophy from Keith.”
“The other students.”

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