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The following are included here for your interest. Inclusion does not necessarily mean full endorsement nor recommendation.
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Mountain River's Quicktime Movies This link takes you to a bunch of small movies

Contact Email click here or phone +44 (0)20 8133 5581 (this is a Skype Number and so free if using VOIP)

  • Mountain River's Flash Site This one shows you the original Flash website (the site is now longer updated)
  • Mountain River's twin site, containing the same info as this site.
  • 2006 Podcast Radio podcast featuring MountainRiver Tai Chi's Keith Robertson. You will need to download this link and may have to remove .htm from the file name before playing this mp4 file.
  • Shaolin UK Internet Shop Web site selling books and martial equipment, recommended by Mountain River.
  • The Catalyst Web site designer par excellence, who created the Flash version of this site (see above). Thanks Mace
  • Elegant Chaos Programmer & Game coder. The designer of the original Mountain River website that this now replaces. Thanks Sam
  • RSX plug ins This site is dedicated to plugins into the IBM Rational Software Architect / Modeller product line.
  • Meedja A totaly new DVD production experience, from the queen of DVD.
  • Venus Drowning "Dawn's life doesn't work anymore". Dark film by Andrew Parkinson.
  • BackStop Specialise in support services to the Youth Justice community, from youth justice recruitment to designing innovative and highly specialist training
  • Cassiel Nick Rothwell is a composer, performer, software architect, programmer and sound designer. He has built performance systems for projects.
  • Northern Star IT solutions Getting the best from IT for small business.
  • Coalition Zen and the Art of Public Relations Maintenance, as used by many famous Artists/Bands. Coaltion Management part of The Coalition Group.
  • There are now a plethora of modern T'ai Chi books. I am sure that some of them are value for your time and money. As I mature I appreciate classical music more. I am constantly drawn to quality, depth and wisdom. The classical writings are brief and so profound you should read several versions. Some of those translated into English are:-
    • The Essence and Applications of Taijiquan Yang Chen Fu (Louis Swaim)
    • The Essence of T'ai Chi Ch'uan Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo/Inn/Amacker/Foe
    • T'ai Chi Ch'uan Ta Wen (Questions & Answers on T'ai Chi Ch'uan) Chen Wei-Ming (Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo)
    • T'ai-Chi Touchstone - Yang Family Secret Transmissions (Douglas Wile)
    • T'ai Chi Ch'uan For Health & Self-Defense T.T. Liang
    • A must have, and a very difficult book, to track down; is Yeung Sau Chung's "Red Book" entitled Practical Use of Tai Chi Chuan (Its Applications and Variations) Yeung (Yang) Sau Chung

    Please use this link to access an Internet site selling books and Martial Arts equipment recomended by Mountain River Internet Shop

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