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Private Tuition with Mountain River Tai Chi

For some people private, one to one, learning is the only way to progress with Tai Chi. There can be several reasons for this, including a desire to learn more deeply, more individually and away from prying eyes. Yet others may wish to join a currently running class and or need to get (back) up to speed. To cater for these people Mountain River Tai Chi offers a series of options.

N.B. Private tuition is with Keith Robertson who currently charges from £50phr and cannot be in two places at once! Or with selected senior students, who charge £30phr. To discuss please email. Mountain River.

Private tuition can take many forms and Mountain River Tai Chi try's to address all of these.

Whether it be:-
Individually tailored instruction;
Advanced tuition / Greater Detail;
Top - up / Catching up;
Inability to attend regular classes;
Wishing to join an on-going class thus getting up to speed;
Switching styles without restarting from scratch;
Special needs.

Private tuition can be a one-off look-see or become regular lessons.

Private tuition does not provide a fast track path to Push Hands, Applications etc. instead it follows the path with more detail.

Private tutiotn is available intra-day, possibliy at your home or mine, or either of these addresses where I have a few time slots available early evenings:-

Mondays 6pm; Richmond & Putney Unitarian Church Ormond Rd TW10 6TH

Tuesdays 5pm or 6pm; Friendship Club, Oxford Road North, W4 4DN

Wednesdays 5:15pm or 6:30pm; Friendship Club, Oxford Road North, W4 4DN

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